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Sony Gun Zoom Microphone ECM-GZ1M

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Quick Overview:

  • Powered directly from, and controlled by, your camera

  • Zoom mic mode adjusts audio range to match video zoom position

  • Gun mic mode lets you target and record sound in a specific direction

  • Attaches easily to camera with an Active Interface Shoe

  • Mono microphone only

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  The Gunzoom Microphone ECM-GZ1M is compatible with a camera that has a Multi Interface Shoe such as a Sony Video Camera or Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera.
  Using a camera in combination with this unit enableseffective recording to suit your purpose.Refer to the instruction manual of your camera and checkthat your camera is compatible with the Multi Interface Shoe.
ˎOne-touch attachment by the Multi Interface ShoeThe Multi Interface Shoe terminal supplies the powerand relays the signals from the camera to this unit.ˎ Switchable between ZOOM microphone mode, whichsynchronizes directional sensitivity (stereo panorama)with the video zoom feature, and unsynchronized GUNmicrophone mode for a super-directional pattern.Depending on your camera, some functions may notwork with this unit. Please visit the Sony website formore information.
If you use an Interchangeable Lens Camera, depending onthe lens attached to the camera, this unit may not switchto the ZOOM microphone mode. In this case, sounds arerecorded by the built-in microphone of the camera.We recommend that you check use with your lens beforehand


How to use:
To attach this unit
Set the power switch of this unit to “OFF” before attaching
or removing it from the camera.
1.Remove the connector protect cap from this
2.Turn off the power of the camera. Align the
Multi Interface foot of this unit with the
Multi Interface Shoe on the camera and
attach this unit.
3.Rotate the lock knob of this unit to the LOCK

How to use Sony ECM-GZ1M MicroPhone

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Color Black
Brand Sony

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