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Sony G Series XQD Format Memory Card -128GB

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Quick Overview:

  • Max. Read Speed: 400 MB/s

  • Max. Write Speed: 350 MB/s

  • Includes Dedicated USB 3.0 Adapter

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What XQD means for you:

  • Cards that can keep up with the shooting speed of the camera, clearing the buffer faster. This means that for sports, photojournalism and wildlife photography, you will capture more decisive moments in multiple bursts of continuous shooting. 
  • Storage capacities that can hold large amounts of RAW NEF files and/or video files that won’t make you stop shooting to change cards—missing the action.
  • Faster transfer rates from card to computer so you can get back to shooting faster.
  • XQD cards are more durable.

This XQD memory card offers compatibility with Sony's professional 4K video cameras, consumer 4K video cameras, compatible Nikon DSLR, and other consumer-based DSLR cameras that offer XQD compatibility.

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